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Class trip

Welcome to the world’s best classroom!

We have many schools that come back to us, spring or autumn, year after year. We welcome students from middle school to student groups. Some classes come for a short white water rafting trip, others book a week-long program where we emphasize the pedagogical side of our knowledge and experience. We plan with the purpose of everyone taking home new impressions, positive experiences and for the class to be more socially cohesive.

For school classes that are staying the night, we always suggest accommodation in a lavvo. It is a great social experience that many of the students have never had, and perhaps won’t have ever again. After the visit to Sjoa Rafting AS, everyone can say: “Of course I spent the night outside!”

Students can prepare food themselves, or they can buy all food from us. If the class chooses to make the meals a separate project and take care of everything from purchase to waste handling, we suggest that they take charge of it themselves. If students are to arrange their own food without a plan, it often results in chaos, and we then recommend that the class buys all meals from us.

Please contact us with a plan of approximately how much time you have available, a reasonable budget and the purpose of the trip. Based on this information, we will tailor the experience and the learning the student are to derive from their stay.

We have a special price list for school classes.
Contact us for program suggestions and prices.

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