This is a list of the things you should bring yourself. Feel free to use the checklist below when planning an event. That way we will easily be able to suggest ideas as well as the best alternative.

The purpose

What is the purpose of the event? Is it team building, kick off, birthday, reward trip,
or simply an ordinary company trip or a trip with friends.


Who will participate and how many will there be? Are they women and / or men, and what is the approximate age?


How much may the event cost? An approximate amount per person will make the planning

Rafting and Kick-off


When do you want the event to take place? Please contact us well in advance, that way the chances of the event being exactly the way you want it are bigger, especially with regards to the accommodation.

Activities / meeting

What activities are desired for the event and of what duration? Will there be a meeting in connection with the event and if so, what facilities are needed?

Living conditions

What standard of accommodation does the group want? Should they live indoors, or do they prefer cottage, dormitory, hotel or mountain lodge? Beds made or sleeping bags?


What meals does the group want? And possibly what kind of dinner would you like? Should it be a standard menu or a special menu? And what kind of drinks should be served with the meal? Are there vegetarians or anyone with food allergy?


Will the group travel by own cars, rental cars or by bus? Trains can be taken to Otta, and we can arrange pick up from there. We can pick up with our own tour bus.
A price overview can be found here.

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