Activity paradise for children

Our sister company, Sjoa Familierafting offers rafting on Gudbrandsdalslågen for everyone from 6 years of age as well as other exciting activities for everyone such as climbing park (for children over 3 years of age) an adventure trail, family canyoning, SUP etc.

Sjoa Familierafting is idyllically located right next to Gudbrandsdalslågen in beautiful surroundings on Varphaugen, four kilometers north of Sjoa and seven kilometers south of Otta. It creates a perfect frame for child-friendly experiences in nature.

The rafting trips start directly from there, so there is minimal bus transport.

The sister companies Sjoa Rafting AS and Sjoa Familierafting have many years of experience and collaborate and strengthen each other so that we can offer our guests the greatest experiences.

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