The classic at Sjoa

1 og 1/2 day
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Age limit
18 years

2-4, high water level 5

1 og 1/2 day

Dinner, Breakfast, Lunch

Price per person
NOK 3045,- (Mon-Fri)
NOK 3255,- (Sat-Sun)

Day 1:
We warm up with a 3 hour short river rafting trip in the afternoon on the first day. The participants will get a good introduction to the commands and paddling techniques and will take a swimming test in Sjoa. In the evening, a nice two-course dinner is served in the dining hall. Accommodation will be in a lavvo in the camp with the opportunity of gathering around the fire on the shores of Sjoa.

Day 2:
We gather for a hearty breakfast before we head for the famous Aasengjuvet. We then raft Aasengjuvet and the trip ends in our camp. During a break from the journey down Sjoa, a hot lunch will be served.

Included in the trip is a day and a half of white water rafting, a hot lunch, a two-course dinner, a breakfast and one overnight stay in lavvo.

Participants are equipped with wetsuits, wet shoes, helmet, life jacket.

Requirements for participants:

We are deeply committed to conducting safe activities. Therefore, we make certain demands on the people participating in our trips.

Participants must confirm that they:

  • do not suffer from diseases that can be caused by stress or cold water
  • are able to swim
  • are not under the influence of intoxicants or narcotics


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