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15 years


From 4 hours


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New in 2024!

Packraft, ducky – or whatever you want to call it. An inflatable kayak, which is easy to transport alone. Here you get the opportunity to paddle your own boat, completely on your own.

The duration of the trip varies according to the wishes of the participants, from a few hours to multi-day trips. You can choose whether you want a simple, comfortable and relaxing trip, where everything is arranged with a road to and from, or whether you want a more wilderness-style trip that involves overnight accommodation outdoors and the feeling of traveling in places where humans have not set foot for.

Contact us for more information about the different tours.

Requirements for participants:

Our profile is to run safe activities. Therefore, we set certain requirements for the participants on our trips.

Participants must:

  • do not suffer from diseases that can be induced under stress or from cold water
  • could swim
  • not be under the influence of intoxicants or anesthetics

You must bring:

  • wool sweater or wool/super underwear
  • towel (can be rented)

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