Bridge jumping

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Age limit
10 years

Price per person
NOK 280,-
NOK 900,- Minimum price

Close to our camp there is an airy bridge over Sjoa. We attach ropes to the middle of the bridge and equip those who are going to jump with a climbing harness. We then fasten the rope to the harness, the participant goes to the end of the bridge and climbs over the railing.

Now the participant is ready to jump. After a shorter or longer period of concentration and thoughts about life in general and what could have been done differently, the person jumps. Or climbs back on the bridge.

If the participant chooses to jump, they will have a long pendulum movement. First a feeling of walking on the river, then of sniffing the rock wall on the other side of the river. But the movement stops, and as you move back to the starting point, you are filled with the happiness of having survived. A moment to remember for a long time.

When the pendulum movement finally stops, the jumper hangs quietly just above the surface of the river. How the jumper gets back on the bridge depends on the quality of friends waiting on the bridge because they have to pull the jumper back up. If you have slightly bad friends, you now have a big problem.


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