Sjoa Climbing Park

Our sister company, Sjoa Familierafting can offer a trip in the Sjoa Climbing Park as well as other exciting activities such as a guided SUP trip at Gudbrandsdalslågen, family rafting (over 6 years), adventure trail, family canyoning, etc.

Sjoa Climbing Park is only 11 km from Sjoa Rafting AS in the direction of Otta.

Explore Sjoa Climbing Park located in the forest all the way to the river Gudbrandsdalslågen in very beautiful natural surroundings. Sjoa Climbing Park has an intro trail and 3 climbing trails at different heights and degrees of difficulty and is operated by Sjoa Familierafting.

The different trails are quite close to each other. That means you can hover or climb next to someone you know on another trail, which gives a good sense of community and closeness and is often more fun, both high and low.

The sister companies, Sjoa Rafting AS and Sjoa Familierafting, including Sjoa Climbing Park have many years of experience and cooperate and strengthen each other so that we can give our guests the best experiences.

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