Age limit
15 years


Varies according to the number of participants

Baguette sandwich

Price per person
NOK 1140,-

Canyoning is a great and fast-paced outdoor activity that offers something extra.

We take you on an exploration of the nature that surrounds us – jumping in deep pools, sliding down natural water slides and rapids, rappelling and climbing steep rock walls in the company of spectacular waterfalls.

Canyoning challenges your boundaries in a fantastic environment where the way can be easily adjusted to the group’s level of experience. Try canyoning for an exciting and challenging day in spectacular natural surroundings!

Participants are equipped with a helmet and wetsuit. The trip goes into a river gorge where we explore the gorge as it has been created by nature, with the help of easy climbing, rappelling, swimming in pools and jumping from rocks.

We use different gorges, depending on the desired degree of difficulty and water level. The participants decide individually how challenging the canyoning should be.


Requirements for participants:

We are deeply committed to conducting safe activities. Therefore, we make certain demands on the participants on our trips.

Participants must:

  • not suffer from diseases that can be caused by stress or cold water
  • be able to swim
  • not be under the influence of intoxicants or narcotics

You must bring:

  • wool or super underwear
  • towel (can be rented)

Packed lunches are brought from the camp.

The participants are responsible for transportation to / from canyoning. It can be agreed with the guides that the canyoning participants leave directly after the activity so that they do not return to the camp in Nedre Heidal.

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