Here we have gathered the most frequently asked questions.

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What should I bring from home?
  • Wool or super underwear for cool days. This is to wear under the wetsuit. It will get wet.
  • Swimwear / bikini under the wetsuit on hot days
  • Woolen socks
  • Towel
  • Lots of positive energy

If you are going to spend the night in a lavvo, everyone must bring a sleeping bag and sleeping pad (can be rented from us). It is also nice to have a headlamp.


What should we wear under the wetsuit?

We recommend wool or super underwear on cool days, otherwise swimwear / regular underwear is fine.​


Where do I do with my car keys?

We have lockable storage cabinets in the wardrobes for car keys and other valuables.


Is it possible to bring a GoPro?

Unfortunately. For security reasons, we have been forced to ban the use of


Is it possible to bring a phone on the trip?

Unless you have a waterproof phone that you are not very fond of, we recommend leaving the phone on dry land.​


How long are we on the river?

The time on the river will vary somewhat with the water flow. High water level = higher speed. Estimated duration is stated in the description of each activity.​


Is accommodation in the same place as attendance for rafting / canyoning?

Yes, we meet at our camp in Nedre Heidal for all activities. The different types of accommodation are also located here. ​


When do we have to show up?

We recommend attendance no later than 15 minutes before the trip / activity starts.



I have a son who is 13 years old and swims very well. Can he join water activities on the river Sjoa?

We have a recommended lower age limit of 15 on our trips on Sjoa. Factors that contribute to decide if younger participants can join is the height and weight of the participant, the water level in the river, the guide in the boat and other participants on the trip. As a general rule, younger participants are assessed from the year they turn 15 years old.​


How many should you at least be to book a trip?

For rafting, we require a minimum of 2 participants to complete a short trip and a minimum of 4 participants for other trips. For canyoning and other activities, we require a minimum of 4 participants.


I want to book online but also want food and accommodation. How do I order this?

You book the trip via our online booking. If you would also like to order food and / or accommodation, just write this in the comments section of the order. It is also possible to send a separate e-mail to booking@sjoarafting.no


Is bed linen included in the price?

Bed linen is included in the price for indoor accommodation. If you are going to spend the night in a lavvo, you must bring a sleeping bag and sleeping pad. Alternatively, it is possible to rent a sleeping bag and a sleeping pad from us.


When is the season?

The season on the river Sjoa normally starts in early May and lasts until September or early October.



When are we back from canyoning?

Canyoning takes about 6 hours from when we meet in our camp and until you are back in the camp.


How is transport for canyoning?

Participants drive their own car to the starting point for the canyoning, which mostly takes place in the river Tessa in Vågå. When the trip is over, the guides can take the equipment back to the camp so that you can continue the journey without having to drive back to Heidal.​


Should we prepare a packed lunch ourselves?

Packed lunches are included in the trip. Let us know if there are special considerations in in relation to allergies or the like, we take this into account.



Who decides if younger participants can join the trip?

The decision is made by the tour guide on the relevant trip after a conversation with parents / entourage.

Can I raft when I am pregnant?

There are no rules that say you cannot join, but we draw your attention to the fact that there is a certain risk involved, so it is a decision you have to make yourself.


When is it most fun to go rafting?

It’s always fun to go rafting.


What is temperature in the river?

The temperature of the river water varies with the season. From approx. 4 degrees at the beginning and end of season to approx. 14 degrees when the water is at its warmest.


How deep is the river?

It varies from 1 millimeter to several meters.​


My friend weighs 120 kg. Can he join?

Yes, we have wetsuits in all sizes and shapes. Both our rafts and the river Sjoa holds all sizes!


What is the difference between Sjoa Rafting AS and other players?

Sjoa Rafting AS is the oldest of the rafting companies and has the best location on the banks of the river Sjoa. It also has the most attractive camp with the greatest atmosphere. Our trips end with us paddling directly into the camp. This means that you avoid the bus ride in wetsuits back to the meeting place. With us you can go straight into the hot shower or in the hot tubs after the trip – stay overnight in one of the small cozy log cabins, be served locally brewed beer in the bar or on the pier and one of our chef’s well-prepared meal in the river camp, which also accommodates several other activities such as climbing park, pentathlon, paintball, etc.


Can I bring snuff on the river?

Snuff is not recommended unless you prefer it soaking wet.​


Can I raft with glasses / lenses?

Yes, if you wear glasses and cannot do without them on the trip, we recommend that they be fastened with strap or similar. If you wear contact lenses, we recommend that you keep an eye on them.


Is rafting dangerous?

We never say it’s safe to raft. You’re in a raft on the river. BUT, having said that, we would like to add the following: We have been rafting for over 30 seasons and have never had an accident. And we have brought with us over 100,000 guests on the river. And we have very experienced guides, the oldest have guided for 30 years, 17 seasons with us. You should feel safe and secure as our guest.

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