Age limit
15 years


4 hours


Price per person
NOK 1290,- (Mon-Fri)
NOK 1380,- (Sat-Sun)

Briefly explained, ducky is paddling in inflatable kayaks. Explore Sjoa in our two-man ducks.

Ducky is a great option for those who want to continue the river activities after rafting. Ducky is a new challenge that is more demanding than rafting.

During the activity you will feel the forces of the river much stronger and more intensely than during rafting. You can learn to surf the waves, take a back road, consider which routes to take and which to stay away from. Chances are pretty good that you’ll realize how ducky got its name…

Ducky is suitable for groups of 4 to 8 people. The trip follows part of the same stretch on which you have hopefully rafted earlier in Sjoa.

The trip ends with you paddling into our camp where lunch awaits.

Ready, set, ducky!

Requirements for participants:

We are deeply committed to conducting safe activities. Therefore, we make certain demands on the participants on our trips.

Participants must:

  • not suffer from diseases that can be caused by stress or cold water
  • be able to swim
  • not be under the influence of intoxicants or narcotics

You must bring:

  • wool or super underwear
  • towel (can be rented)

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